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Rabbit House Construction nears completion...

I think the Rabbit's full name is Ruby Moon last name undecided. I thought Ganges and then I thought La Rue. Still working on it. She arrives Friday!

Anyway, her house. I sat inside of it for a while tonight. I think I need to go back to Home Depot AGAIN..thank god it's not for zip ties this time. (I've used almost 500) I had an epiphany about using the vinyl tile to tile her little perching I need three more pieces. $1.50 in the grand scheme of things won't kill me. I also need thicker dowels.

Long shot of the cage in my studio. You can see the untiled third floor observation deck and the partially tiled second floor perch. You can also see her full hay wheel, litter area, and her nut toy.

This picture shows her den. It's covered in fabric and then full of fabric also. Theoretically the fabric will keep her out of it for a little while so that she doesn't choose the only place where I can't put the litter box as her pooping corner. The fabric is pretty shredded up (it's in 8 inch wide by whatever long pieces). Eventually (the theory is) that she will decide to burrow in there when she needs a hiding spot. I'm considering barricading it (I have extra wire panels) for the first day or so that she's in there, but it seems like a lot of extra effort when I've made her litter area a pretty damned tempting place. (Thoughts on this, bunny owners?)

Here's the bunny-eye view of the first floor. I don't even have her yet and she's the most spoiled little bun in town.
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