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Utilipets and Fiber Friends

Fiber Pets
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This is a community for owners and appreciators of fiber pets. Types of fiber pets include rabbits, goats, llamas, alpacas, dogs, silk worms, cats, bison, horses, sheep, yaks, and many others. (If you use the fiber from another type of pet, do tell)

Please introduce yourself and your pet to the community. Useful things to share include the type of pet, his or her name, some things about your pet's personality. Have you ever spun your pet's fiber? Have you produced anything with your pet's fiber? And of course, pictures.

We love pictures. When posting pictures, please use lj-cuts. It's ok to post one small (smaller than 600 pixels wide) picture above the cut but please post the rest below it. If you're unsure about the size of your picture, please post it below a cut.

Please post:
Fiber pet care, fiber harvesting, tips, tricks, projects, anecdotes, pictures, and questions.

Please do not post:
Hateful messages, spam, inappropriate messages, etc.

If you have any additions to our interest list, questions, issues, etc., please email our moderator.