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back again

I am back after a long absence where my computer crashed twice and my MIL was hospitalized for several months. MIL is now home and doing somewhat better, but we are spending a huge amount of time there, which is seriously impacting all my art/craft work.

My Bunny is doing well. He survived the nasty heat with not too much problem, although it was so hot he shed out his coat early and I had to pluck him. I really hate having to pluck when it is so hot the fiber sticks to my(sweaty) hands. I am really impressed at how little he matts also. Usually satins mat like crazy, but he is pretty good, considering he doesn't get brushed nearly as often as I should.

I haven't gotten to spin any of my harvested angora yet. I'm really looking forward to it. I also have some silk top and a really soft merino cross lamb fleece that I may experiment with adding to the angora. I wish I liked to knit as much as I like to spin. enjoy weaving, but don't have a place to set up my loom at the moment. I also shudder to think of how much angora I would need to actually weave anything of any size. Way more than one bunny worth! I think if I get some spun up I will either trade it to someone or put up on my Etsy shop to see if it will sell. OH Yeah, one of the good things that happened while everything else was going on was that I finally got my Etsy shop going--not much stuff yet but it's a start. I'm mudspinr there too if anyone wants to check me out.

Is anyone from Oregon? I'm hoping to get to the Flock and Fiber Festival the 26-27th. Thats where Bunny came from. This year I want to get some more felting needles and some long staple fleece to dye for art doll hair. I'm currently working on a set of goblin art dolls. (I'd really like another bunny, but really don't have either the space or time, and my current bunny is already kind of jealous.)
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