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snow white

Hey there fiber friends!

I currently have 3 angora rabbits: 2 French, one German. I've sheared (with scissors) my German's coat for the summer, and I'm wavering over what to do with my French. I usually pluck them, and prefer to do so. Their enclosure is quite cool and has 3 fans, so they aren't in danger from the heat. However, I'd like them to be more comfortable and am considering cutting their fur as well. I've never done this, except to my German.

The reason I'm writing is that I'm concerned about the undercoats! I'm not too worried about harvesting one coat with multi-lengths, but I'm worried that the next coat will grow in short. It seems to me that if I'm cutting the Frenches' fur, I will cut the long coat that would be ready to shed out sooner, and also the short undercoat that would grow into the next long coat. If I cut that coat, won't it start shedding out at a shorter length? I've tried researching this online, but I am at a loss.

This is Omaballasiree, you may call her Oma.

Oma in her coat.

Here she is, naked!



Eating papaya before cut.

And after.
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