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I found this community searching for people interested in Angora rabbits. I just got a rabbit after being out of fiberarts for about 5 years while I concentrated on clay. I still love my clay (my icon is one of my sculptures), but the combination of short attention span and the feel of fiber, plus the much-more-transportable nature of fiber projects has hooked me again. My rabbit--as yet unnamed--is a copper satin buck, about 6 months old. I just got him last week. He is currently shorn, as his baby coat was really matted. The former owner sheared him right before I bought him--too bad, I would have left the baby coat another week, so that the new coat had a little more growth before the shear--he looks kind of like a ragamuffin bunny at the moment. The breeder said that she thinks shearing the baby coat makes subsequent coats grow thicker, but that kind of sounds like saying if you shave your legs the hair will grow thicker?? Anyway, he is a nice bunny, with pretty good conformation, although his butt is kind of boney. I don't plan to breed, so didn't get the pedigree. I have the breeder info, so can always ask in the future. He isn't too bad about being held, but right now he doesn't even have enough coat to brush :( I'm looking forward longingly to having some angora to actually spin--but that will be a couple months from now at best--sigh--I bought some silk top to mix with the angora too.

Now that I have introduced my rabbit maybe I should introduce me...I am a starving potter who isn't able to make a living at it yet, but doesn't have other income. I live in the pacific northwest, unfortunately in town, so I can't have sheep. I have several spinning wheels that I have not touched in more than 5 years, 1 bunny, 1 parrot, 2 semi-feral cats, and a very patient partner. I was glad to find this community, cause so many of the rabbit care oriented groups I have checked out in the past(not here, this is my first community here) have been either clueless about the differences between Angoras and short haired breeds, or almost outraged that someone would have a bunny for the fiber. At one point I got a absolutely raving flame from someone who was convinced that you had to kill the rabbit for the fiber....too strange. In any case it is nice to have people who understand to share with.
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