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Toomyvara - Bluewrenn's Homesteading Journal

A question for those with angora bunnies....

I have a red buck that has had terrible matting issues ever since I got him. He is scissor-clipped as short as I can get without hurting him and it's talking forever to get his matts under control. The worse ones, and the only ones that are still left, are the ones on his lower belly and on his back legs. He hates for me to touch him there.

I don't have an electric clipper set small enough for the bunnies... my dog clippers and goat clippers are way too big  and I'm a little scared of hurting him seriously with the clippers. I use tiny nail scissors for the really tight matts and regular shears for the rest.

Any advice on making this easier? Is there anything I can feed him or put on him to help reduce the matting? He gets regular combing out but there's always some spots that I just can't get unmatted entirely.
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