Toomyvara - Bluewrenn's Homesteading Journal (toomyvara) wrote in fiberpets,
Toomyvara - Bluewrenn's Homesteading Journal

Intro - Hi!

Hi, I've been lurking for a while now and just wanted to say hello...

I have 13 angora goats, 8 french angora bunnies and 2 lionhead bunnies, in addition to lots of dogs and cats... I can't wait to get some llamas but that's for later on. Right now, I'm handling all these animals on my own and I don't want to get too big of an operation until I can get my house built and the workshop ready.

I'm not a spinner but that's something I plan to change just as soon as I can get to some classes and buy a spinning wheel. I so want to learn to spin!  I do have a really nice drum carder and some drop spindles, as well as some hand carders but I haven't gotten my wheel yet. I just stockpiling fleece at the moment.
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