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found this through an lj seek, and since there haven't been posts for a bit, i thought i would introduce myself.

i am nicole, a knitter and spinner, and now an angora owner. his name is sashi(hindi for moonlight), all white and an english angora. he is the terror of the cats right now- they must think he is another dog. we also have a corgi silkie terrier cross, guinness, who i could spin from if he wasn't prone to lifting his leg on his disgarded fur.

sashi is in dire need of a clipping to remove the mats from his previous owner. he is about 2, and we got him from a breeder who no longer needed him. we thought he would not adjust well to moving in with cats, kids, a dog and a loud bird, but he fits in well. he seems to like my daughter best of all, mostly because she will feed him and make sure he always has treats.

ok, enough for now.....i do need to give him a brush tonight!
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