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The beginning stages of rabbit house construction. Somehow I went to BBB today (and every other place that could possibly have these damned cubes) and got the only set of them in the state of Vermont. I've sent the gf to get some in MA while she's down there...hopefully she will do it and make me happy. So in the first shot you can see what one set of normal sized cubies and one set of teeny cubies and a butt load of zip ties will get you. I actually had to go get more zip ties from the store...which is also when I got the piece of board that I'm using for the floor and the insufficient amount of vinyl tile that's covering it. At some point soon I need four more pieces of vinyl tile. I'm pleased at how it's coming out. In the second and third shots you can see the cage taking up pretty much 1/3 of my studio. Age 24 and finally learning to share. I got an 'add a shelf' kit too (also the only one in the state) which is in as the third floor (visible in shots two and three). I hope the gf can find me another add-a-shelf thingie so that I can have a consistent second floor, but if not I'll make something else up. I haven't cut the ends of the zip ties off yet because they amuse me. I also haven't decided quite where the door is going to be, so I'm making it a solid thing and then cutting the door in once I've decided where it's going. Oh in the later shots you can see her litter box, bedding, hay, and hay wheel. I still need water and food crocks and food.... Somewhere in that pile is a bag of banana yogurt treats and some bark bite wood chews. I also need to get her some toys because a bored bunny is a bad bunny. I think in one of the shots you can also see her tunnel (It's a concrete form standing up in the corner). The rabbit spoiling begins. Inside the tunnel is a million foot long piece of conduit that will be used for cord coverage...I haven't gotten there yet. It's late and I have an art show to prepare. T-minus 5 days until bunny arrival.

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